Past Programs 2005

Date Title Teacher
January 24, 2005 Quilter's Garden A Quilter's Garden Linn Skinner
February 28, 2005 Bring Your Canvas to Life ANG video with Susan Portra
March 28, 2005 Sandbox Sandbox design by Ellen Emanuel
April 11, 2005 Geo Fun Geo Fun Sandra Murray
April 25, 2005 Circles Circles Lois Kershner
May 23, 2005 2 the Point Ty-Di Threads Terry Christopher
June 27, 2005 Teneriffe Ornament Teneriffe Ornament Dorita Menconi
July 11, 2005 Falling Leaves Falling Leaves Laura J. Perin
July 25, 2005 box Ort Box Carol Crowell
August 24, 2005 Members meeting. Prizes for:
  • Oldest partially stitched but uncompleted canvas
  • Oldest unstarted canvas or project
  • "Waterloo"--a canvas or project that stymied you, stopped you in your tracks, brought your work to a stop
  • Oldest, most traveled canvas
September 26, 2005 Display and Judging of Ort Box Challenge
October 10, 2005 Magic Carpet Magic Carpet Kei Blesch
October 24, 2005 Button Ornament Button Ornament design by Denise Beusen
November 28, 2005 Tissue Case Blackwork Tissue Case Charlene Barron
December 8, 2005 Chapter luncheon

Past Programs